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Hello there! I’m so glad you decided to stop by the site today. As you can see we are developing a new site with new direction and I am so glad we are it has been a long time coming.

Let’s have a moment of silence for the old site…

Okay, now that that’s out of the way let me briefly share why I deleted the old site including the post dating back to 2006.

The old site, content and all; didn’t reflect who I am today.

After leaving the single life, getting married, becoming a mother of 3 boys, helping to care for my terminally ill father, and working between digital consulting gigs as a stay at home mom (notice how I phrased that because, SAHMs work hard as hell); I had to still write about etiquette I rarely use, parties I don’t go to anymore, and events I don’t attend because my sons’ have social calendars that require a chauffeur; in between potty training, meal planning and nap time because that is what my brand was about when I was a 25 year old single woman? GTFOH, totally not happening.

Quite simply, it was no longer authentic, and the lack of authenticity made it extremely difficult for me to write or post anything.

Writing anything for the site became depressing and just not fun anymore.

There were literally hundreds of unpublished posts looking at me every time I went to this site. It became the site I avoided because of guilt. Yep, the guilt snowball got bigger and bigger. There was a feeling of combined guilt of having a website I loved but, and shame because I neglected the website that started my career in Digital.

I was so afraid of what everyone else would say and no amount of new theme designs would cover the crappy site it had become, year after year after year.

Fear will keep you paralyze.

So, after listening to my inner voice and following my instinct I realized that a I a reoccurring mantra: As long as your hand is open to give; it is open to receive. I decided that I should give more. More knowledge as a Digital thought leader, as an entrepreneur , and as a women (there is a separate site for that :D). Through this discovery I realized I love helping others get their blogs and business started and sharing information to help them succeed and grow beyond their dreams.

I hope you enjoy the changes. If not, I hope you find a blog that speaks to you.


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